Media Opinion

“Education” often comes up as a point of discussion on news and print media and I often respond with my own thoughts and opinions. I thought it would be great to start to capture a few of my reflections / social interactions on this page of the blog. I have also included some “fun” moments that I just want to capture for my own amusement…. humour me 🙂


9/7/2014 – “RSVPing a Rapping Invite”

An ex-student has invited me to a “Rap / Slam / Make-It-Up-As-You-Go-Along Event” … here was my reply (included for my own amusement 🙂 )

Kaspi has invited me and I owe him a pass
for the priv-il-ege of teaching him English in my class
So I’m RSVPing to the people that matter
That I’d love to attend this tounge-twisting chatter
To say that I’m attendin’ this opening-happening
Watchin’ the younger dudes playing at snapping and rapping
But I have a question for the social team
Will this be OK for my self-esteem?
Will I be the only Middle-Aged dude in the room?
Coz I’ve got insecurities – will it feel like my tomb?


30/6/2014 – “Stand Up”

“I6PR have really enjoyed reading the posts of others on this point. Schools are needing to be more and more flexible in their consideration of individual student needs and we will see more and more movements toward the consideration of the school environment and a broad shift AWAY from rows of desks and chairs. This will be an appropriate change with new methods of pedagogy which reflect our awareness of the 21st Century child. I respect schools experimenting with new tools to meet student needs… not sure if it will solve the obesity problem (in my humble opinion).”

Link: Building Learning Environments


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