About The Teacher Lounge

I have caught a dangerous new bug! Blogging! For those of you who have been watching my FACEBOOK page – I am so sorry!

WORDPRESS and FACEBOOK GROUPS have provided me with an outlet for two projects I have longed to see thrive in Perth.

It’s always risky to put ideas ‘out there’ in case others don’t share your enthusiasm or interest (and let’s be frank – some people may just not like ME). But, I’ve decided to follow my convictions and (with a limited knowledge of the technical side or ‘best structure’ for an online approach) – “give it a good shot’.

This site was originally called the ‘WA Teachers’ Lounge’ updated in February 2012 to ‘The Teacher Lounge’ (I would have preferred The Teachers’ Lounge – but alas – the site was already taken).

In my own educational experience, I was primarily mentored, inspired, encouraged and influenced by the staff within the community in which I worked. Obviously, this is a perfectly ‘normal’ arrangement. But… I have also noticed the ‘Ah-Ha’ factor of having attended a Professional Development Day and having ‘rubbed shoulders’ with our educational elders are some of the most inspirational moments a teacher can have – even if the PD itself was of little value.

It is these moments over coffee and a bland biscuit that we can discuss ideas, approaches, beliefs, strategies that encourage us to consider ‘other’ alternative systems or resources that we have not previously been exposed to.

Visiting other schools to ‘observe best practise’ or questioning like-subject professionals is often only the domain of the school’s  core leadership team which can lead to teachers having access to a limited range of system and procedural resources. This lack of connection is not only the ‘fault’ of schools. Professional Teacher Journal and Subscription readerships are noticeably down; we can only hope that educators (both new and old) take their vocation seriously enough to be accessing online developmental information. The sad truth is that many (the majority?) do not.

I muse with a colleague often that, “Clearly my agenda is showing”. Believe me, I am under no illusion that the ‘WA Teacher’s Lounge’ will offer any kind of landmark in reshaping our mentorship of Perth educators, clearly it a small drop in the ‘participation’ bucket. But, it’s the many small contributions that start a trickle. I hope that it will generate a few relationships, contacts and meaningful conversation but my greater hope is that it may contribute to the greater pool of educational mentorship.

The Teacher LoungeTeacher group to connect and talk about current educational trends, topics, concerns, groups, tactics, strategies, management, political decisions and technologies. Grab a seat and share your ideas! Tell us about other links, projects and events that involve connecting educators.  If you have a post that you think others would find interesting, please send it to me and I will add it to this Blog Roll on your behalf.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Paul Whitehead – Secondary Educator

FACEBOOK GROUP LINK: http://www.facebook.com/teacherlounge


3 comments on “About The Teacher Lounge

  1. I’m also an avid blogger. I’ve just taken over as general manager of the Western Australian Youth Theatre Company (WAYTCo). We’re always on the lookout for young, talented Western Australians to stretch their wings and learn performance technique, for a career in the performing arts, or just for personal development.
    We have open auditions coming up on September 19th in central Perth, and hold regular Sunday acting workshops.
    Our issue is finding a reliable route to getting information to the relevant schools contacts. Any advice or help is always appreciated. Good luck on the blogging!

  2. Hi,

    I don’t know if you are able to help with this but it does come under the category “educational trends” (sort of). I am a newly qualified teacher in New Zealand but having problems finding jobs because my subjects (Geography, History, Social Studies) are notorious for not having many jobs and too many teachers to fill them. Plus, most schools will appoint practically any teacher to teach Social Studies. This is “common knowledge” that I was not aware of before I trained and would have taken time to include other subjects in my degree if I’d known.

    What is the situation in WA? Is it the same? Who are the most sought after teachers (I’m guessing Maths?) and who is a dime a dozen?


    • Hi Claire

      I have thrown your comment ‘out there’ for others to comment on. You ask “Who are the most sought after teachers?” That is a great question. This article from an earlier post (http://wateacherslounge.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/report-wa-teacher-demand-and-supply-projections) will probably give you MORE detail than you were looking for but is really the swing of things here. Science and Maths teachers will be in VERY high demand. The benefit for SOSE teachers (in my humble opinion) will be the ‘soon to arrive’ requirement to deliver History (2013) and Geography (2014ish) K-10 as part of the Australian Curriculum initiative. ACARA site is worth further exploration.

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