Thinking Routine – 3,2,1 Bridge

21st March – As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I will be using a new thinking routine with my Year 9-12 (combined class) for English tomorrow. The routine is explained here (CLICK HERE: 3-2-1 Bridge Routine). My class will be looking at resumes … sounds boring right? After initial responses on what CVs and Resumes ARE we will then look at “other” examples and then investigate what a resume COULD be.

Have a look at these: 20 Resumes to Blow Your Mind. Part of our activity tomorrow will be to write down the evidence of students “thinking” and I will post their responses directly here.

24th March – As promised; here is the feedback. I found the activity quite interesting. The final box asks students how motivated they are to write their own resume – once BEFORE the activity and then a response AFTER the activity. “1” is LOW and “10” is HIGH. I have highlighted the responses I thought were most interesting from the students;





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