Spiel Cheque

NAPLAN results are in for 2011 and WA has improved! Though SPELLING is still an issue.

Perhaps our relationship with email and sms-speak is a part contributor… perhaps we have become too reliant on our spell checkers and we have no need to self correct?

I had fun with this idea a few years ago and came up with this little ‘sample letter’ for students so they could see the fault in relying fully on ‘spell checkers’ in their work.

Deer Mr Coper

Eye rely licked hour conversion these mourning.

Eye have don a spiel cheque sew their should knot be a miss
stake in these litter.

Mr Whyteheed

Whilst my letter is a bit of fun – this clip showcases the fun I could have had with it…


2 comments on “Spiel Cheque

  1. There’s another way of looking at this: We all understood what Taylor meant with his words.

    What I mean is that had Taylor had to focus on his spelling, it might have taken away from his focus on his poetry.

    I feel a big problem for students in unleashing their creativity is that they’re too worried about the nitpicking teacher who doesn’t care about the beauty of the poetry, rather the mundane spelling of words (which a spellchecker more often than not picks up).

    Of course spelling is highly important, but we must take care to assess one thing at a time.

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