Media Trends for 2-9 year olds

With most attention on an IT/Media front leveled at the Secondary School market; it is interesting to notice the emerging trends in pre-secondary children. This report has just been released and makes some amazing observations.

Here is a portion of the executive summary (reproduced below) – the full report can be accessed by clicking the picture in this post. Page 10 of this report offers a great “change over time” graph that would be useful for lessons and/or presentations.

Here is a snapshot of our findings:

  • Children have more access to all kinds of digital media,and are spending more time during the day with them than ever before.
  • Television continues to exert a strong hold over young children, who spend more time with this medium than any other.
  • Not all children have access to newer digital technologies,nor do all children use media in the same ways once they do own them. Family income continues to be a barrier to some children owning technology, even as the price of devices falls.
  • Lower-income, Hispanic, and African-American children consume far more media than their middle-class and white counterparts.
  • Children appear to shift their digital media habits around age 8, when they increasingly open their eyes to the wide world of media beyond television.
  • Mobile media appears to be the next ‘it’ technology, from handheld video games to portable music players to cellphones. Kids like to use their media on the go.

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