Professor Parents

I often read “The West” online review of events and take the time to look at what stories are popular, the ‘most viewed’. Whilst I could post a blog entry decrying the prevalence in our ‘news’ of celebrity trivia (currently the Nick Riewoldt photo fiasco), I am more compelled to comment on the ongoing interest in educational stories.

In today’s top five stories, we read; the ‘best teachers are a child’s parents’, ‘a need to return to the three “R’s” (the agenda here being the review of curriculum delivery in WA schools to lift literacy and numeracy results in the NAPLAN testing) and ‘Early learning should be fun’. Three of the top five stories – AT CHRISTMAS!

For most of us, school is the one organisational structure we have an ongoing relationship with in our lives; initially as a student then as parent/grandparent. We want to be informed in order to make accurate judgements about what works and what doesn’t and what is ‘trending’ educationally. With a vast array of often evolving/changing approaches and strategies that claim to help children learn best; it is no surprise that parents are keen to keep informed.

Whilst sitting to watch a TV show with my children, an advertisement popped up for a mathematics skills system which ‘enpowers children to complete complex mathematical problems in their minds’! My daughter (under 7) said – “WOW, I want to be in THAT class”. Bless her!

As an educator I want to be on the cusp of new initiatives and strategies that work. As a PARENT I want my children’s teachers to be on the cusp of new initiatives and strategies that work. So to all you parents out there – keep up the good work.