Vanilla Education

An 11 minute challenging video. I loved the content; it is refreshing to be reminded that our goal is not to produce ‘cookie-cutter’ kids from ‘cookie cutter’ schooling. What do you think of the final few minutes? Are these proposals realistic? achievable?

I recently visited a school website where a mp3 recording of ‘What students liked about the school’ was available to listen to. On four occasions the students referred to ‘not having to sit at a desk like other schools’, ironically my daughter (in Year 1, not from the afore-mentioned school) came home with a script her class had compiled for their end of year assembly. They had been asked to write down ‘what they had LOVED about year one?’ They said;

“I” is for “independent”. We have enjoyed having our very own desk to sit at with our tray full of our very own things

My point is NOT to say that one is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but rather an observation that we (as educators) somehow ‘sell’ our pedagogy to our parents / students, regardless of the approach we take.

This commentary is only a microscopic part of the content covered here – it is certainly worth your review.


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