WACOT Report

Did any of you hear about this on the news last week? Perhaps I was drowning in examination papers at the time and missed it. We have now had WACOT just over four years. As part of the legislated responsibility, a review was commissioned ‘as soon as was reasonable after four years to ascertain WACOT’s effectiveness in achieving its intended objectives”. On the 23rd September, Liz Constable announced in response to this “Review of the WACOT Act” that:

“… there is a pronounced mismatch between what teachers had expected of the college and what the college has delivered. For example, they had expected the college to promote the profession, deliver professional development and take a stand on controversial issues, but believe the college has fallen well short on these things.”

The most interesting of the many detailed reports submitted was the 63 page review on the “Teacher Survey” which was taken from a pool of 932 teachers from all education sectors in WA. If you are interested, page 60-62 itemise the recommendations for WACOT improvement. You can access a copy of this report at http://www.des.wa.gov.au/Legislative_Review/Review%20of%20the%20WACOT%20Act-%20Report%20of%20the%20Survey%20of%20Teachers.pdf

If you would like to make an entry, I would be most interested in YOUR response to the WACOT experiment. Post a comment at our FACEBOOK DISCUSSION BOARD.


One comment on “WACOT Report

  1. What has been done with the money WACOT has got from every teacher?
    Pay for the Bureaucrats in WACOT?
    Yes WACOT has been effective in getting money out of teachers.

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