Prime Minister Gillard’s Promises on Education

Believe me, I am no political commentator. I am thrilled at the discourse that the last three weeks has produced as we have watched our politicians negotiate the balance of power in Australia. I think political literacy has been greatly improved as a result. 

This afternoon I listened to the radio as we finally received word that Julia Gillard would remain Australia’s Prime Minister.

So what does this mean for education (excluding higher education promises). I thought I would briefly outline a summary of known promises by Prime Minister Gillard pre-election 2010. If you know of others – please let me know and I will add them to the list:

  • Teacher Bonus:  “each year from 2014, about 25,000 of the nation’s best performing teachers would receive bonuses equivalent to 10 per cent of their salary, paid in two instalments. The top paid teachers would receive $8100 and those at the lower end about $5400 at a cost of $1.25 billion in the first five years of the scheme.” (SMH)
  • School Bonuses: Annual reward for the top 1,000 schools; $75,000 for primary schools and $100,000 for secondary schools, costing another $388 million over five years.
  • School Uniforms: Strong advocate for school uniforms at public schools and tax deductible school uniform purchase 2011/2012 onwards.
  • Private School Funding : Current funding levels would now be guaranteed until the end of 2013 with any new model to start from 2014.
  • National Cadetship Program: $2.5 billion national cadetship program and $25 million to fund 50,000 work experience placements for secondary school students who enter the cadetship scheme.
  • Ongoing support of existing programs.

What did I miss?


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