The Next Agenda Item

Australian Coat of Arms (adopted 1912)

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This small article caught my eye today. I’m sure this will be one of the next Agenda items for the Australian Government should a Gillard Labour government ‘secure’ the balance of power. 

We’re moving to National Curriculum, National Testing is well under way and mutings of paying incentives and bonuses for ‘top performing teachers’. This would have to be in pipeline…. right? 


Getting Hawaii’s best teachers and principals to work at the state’s lowest-performing schools is a key element of the Race to the Top plan to lift student achievement that won approval yesterday. 

Nearly $19 million in federal funds, a quarter of the $75 million Hawaii won in the nationwide contest, will go toward turning around the lowest-achieving schools. The plan includes pay incentives to attract top educators, professional development to enhance teaching, and more learning time for students, including summer school. 

 by Susan Essoyan, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser 

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